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Hello and welcome to Spice Smoking Reviews, where we take pains to identify and understand new trends coming up in the herbal spice smoking world. Today's article will look at five new herbs and plants that are being found in the ingredient list of spice smoking blends more and more.

Kanna. This white-flowered groundcover is found in herbal spice smoking products more and more, and with good reason. The fermented roots and stems contain mesembrine, a fascinating new hallucinogen that has spice reviewers raving about it. Some people smoking spice smoke with kanna in it have reported visions and hallucinations on the order of psilocybin, while others report a peaceful feeling of euphoria and relaxation. While the jury is still out in spice smoking reviews on the exact effects of kanna, it is clear that it is an exciting development in spice smoking blends.

Dwarf Skullcap. Although there is some confusion among spice smoking reviews between the various species of skullcap, one of the best spice to smoke ingredients is scutelleria nana, found in the Great Basin region of the United States and potent as the best marijuana. Other species of skullcap, including Scutellaria lateriflora, while common in spice herbal smoking blends, are nice but not as strong as their much rarer cousin.

Indian Warrior. A member of the Pedicularis family, Indian Warrior bears many similarities in appearance and effects to marijuana. Anyone who remembers smoking spice gold in the early 2000's probably remembers seeing purple buds in the mixture, which were likely the result of this herb. Although won't find much about it in online spice smoking guides, it's highly likely that Native American tribes used this spice smoking herb in some of their smoke rituals and traditions.

Damiana. Although damiana is new to spice reviews and product formulas, people living in South and Central America would recognize it right away as they have been drinking a liqueur made from for hundreds of years. In our experience, damiana has produced some of the best spice to smoke formulas we've tried, giving smokers a calming, relaxing effect without any negative side effects.

Salva Divinorum. Anyone smoking spice gold when it first came out remembers the intense effects spice reviews reported of melting into the surroundings and perceptions on the level of LSD-hallucinations. Smoking spice smoke became more widespread—and tame—in the following years, but a reappearance of salva in product formulas has given Spice Smoking Reviews renewed hope that there is life in the old spice smoking herb yet. Certainly any spice herbal smoking product you can find with salva in it will be some of the best spice to smoke you've ever tried. Be sure to post your experiences to us by email, eh?

Well, that's about it for this week's spice review. Check back next week when Spice Smoking Reviews will examine the effects of five more herbs: wild lettuce, cayenne pepper, mullein, St. John's Wort, and marshmellow leaf.

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